Who We Are

Our Story


Inhibitor Therapeutics, we are a publicly traded, clinical stage pharmaceutical development company. We have a focus on developing and commercializing innovative therapies, using repurposed, already approved API’s (active pharmaceutical ingredients) that have clinical value and are patent protected. We have a significant amount of owned intellectual property around the use of itraconazole in oncology indications, especially in the treatment of Basal Cell Carcinoma Nevus Syndrome and both lung and prostate cancers.

Corporate History


Key points of the 4-year delay in development of our Itraconazole caused due to conflict with ex supply partner:

  • Supply partner eventually became controlling shareholder of Inhibitor Therapeutics, Inc (INTI)
  • Subsequent to supply partner gaining control, and after concluding phase 2b clinical trial, INTI transferred its lead product (itraconazole for BCCNS) to supply partner in January of 2019 for insignificant consideration
  • HedgePath, LLC (HPLLC), largest minority shareholder and the founding shareholder of INTI filed a lawsuit in the Chancery Court of Delaware
  • May 2020, Defendants Motion to Dismiss rejected by Chancery Court
  • November 2021 – Mediation
  • Settlement reached in September 2022; HP LLC takes control at closing 12/13/2022.

Stock Price History


At the end of 2018, the stock price declined in anticipation of the supply partner acquiring the BCCNS asset. The supply partner subsequently ceased development of the asset in early 2019 when it became apparent that HP LLC would file its lawsuit. As an unfortunate result INTI’s Market Cap results in a circa 80% decrease from $140M to $32M USD. Following the change of control that took place Dec 13, 2022, our goal is to develop Inhibitor restoring shareholder value by organic growth and by acquisitions.

Settlement Key Features


  • Supply partner cancels all of their equity in INTI, including ~22M preferred shares and warrants
  • Common shares outstanding reduced by supply partner’s cancellation of ~205M (a 53% reduction)
  • Common shares outstanding on effective date ~172M (no preferred or warrants; ~2.6M options outstanding)
  • HP LLC and its affiliates become largest shareholders (~63%)
  • Supply partner forgives accrued dividends and interest ~$300K
  • All officers and directors of INTI resign and cancel ~11M options
  • Supply partner makes a cash payment of $14.25M prior to December 31, 2022.
  • INTI can develop its own Itraconazole and seek exclusive license from JHU
  • INTI retains its IND in castration-resistant prostate cancer

Growth Strategy


  • Engagement of CDMO to identify a patentable formulation that delivers the desired PK profile.
  • Negotiations with JHU for exclusive license to anti-angiogenesis and hedgehog patents.
  • Organic growth using itraconazole for expanded indications like high frequency basal cell carcinoma in chronic sun damage, prostate & lung cancer treatments.
  • Growth by acquisition of other 505(b)(2) drugs that have differentiated, clinically valued indications, and patent protected.